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Since 1998, DIT has been a leading technology operator based in Dubai, UAE. We offer a wide range of solutions for business needs, from capital to consumer analytics. We specialize in unique problem solving, leveraging human intelligence, software and hardware to make the best impact on your bottom line.

Over two decades of experience providing technology enabled solutions in public and private sectors


Venture Capital

We love working with and investing in startups at the early stages including but not limited to Angel, Pre-Seed and Seed. With a global network and in-house expertise in several growth industries (such as agri-tech and financial services); we look to be the “smart money” for passionate and driven founders.

Research & Analytics

Using award winning cloud platforms we perform high value internal and external assessments using custom designed surveys. Some examples of what we do for governments and private firms are: Employee Feedback Management, Customer, Experience Analysis, Market Research, Mystery Shopping, Regulatory Compliance and ISO Certification.

Hardware & Logistics

Real world problems sometimes require hardware dependent solutions. The primary technologies we provide are: GPS telematics for Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Personnel Tracking and advanced Point of Service (POS) solutions.

Clients and Partners

“You cannot manage it if you cannot measure it.”
– Javed Farooqui, CEO

Our Success


With over 400 companies we have conducted studied, we’ve understood the opinions of over 100’000 customers.


If our clients don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job.
We promise 100% satisfaction in the solutions we provide.


Years in business. 2 decades of consistently producing the results for local and international companies.

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About Us

We are DIT, a place of operational and business excellence.

We equip your company or team with the right data and tools to succeed.


Direct Information Technology L.L.C,
1305, The Exchange Tower
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P.O Box: 122136,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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